Style and personality are so unique to each person... And we love when all those styles come together beautifully on the beach! To match your unique style and taste, we have partnered with six different designers from different countries. That's why our sand-free beach towels don't have a theme... They're vibrant, they're subtle, they're floral, they're tropical, they’re relaxing, they’re energetic and they’re so much more.

Vanessa Heussaff

Vanessa leads her work the way she approaches her life. Travel enthusiast, sports fanatic, art buff and dedicated professional in every new endeavor. Having grown up in a multicultural setting and continuously evolving in an international community, she has set herself apart with her capacity to adapt and create in any given circumstances. Utilizing all her experiences, she combines a keen intuition and a never failing hunger for knowledge to design concepts which hold brand recognition in the highest regard.  
You can check out Vanessa's work here.

Sam Profeta

Sam Profeta is a Brazilian designer based in Singapore. His work is known by its bold graphics and super vibrant colours. Sam believes that designers are storytellers. Every single detail in a composition must have a meaning and a purpose. Besides creating enchantment, awakening feelings and catching someone’s attention, he thinks that design exists to make this world a better place.
You can check out Sam's portfolio here.

Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor is a print designer and artist based in the UK. Combining her background in textile design with various artistic techniques, Charlie creates unique and eclectic designs for fashion and the home. She takes inspiration from English botanical gardens and visits to sunny tropical islands, producing prints that are vibrant, colourful and full of texture.
You can check out Charlie's designs here.

Maria Montiel

Maria Montiel is from Venezuela and moved to Spain in 2007. She has a background in Fine Arts and specializes in Surface and Textile design. She describes herself as an artist with a tropical soul in a Mediterranean land. Based in Barcelona at the vibrant Barrio of Gràcia, Maria mainly uses watercolour to create imaginative worlds full of warmth and magic, aimed at infecting everyone with joy.
You can check out Maria's work here

Aline Rodrigues

Aline Rodrigues is a Canadian-Brazilian Concept Designer and founder of Guava Print Studio, based in Montreal, Canada. Her background is in graphic, product and fashion design. Aline enjoys bold color combos and hand drawing in her countless sketchbooks and takes inspiration in the uniqueness and diversity of the Brazilian culture, flora and fauna.
You can check out Aline's portfolio here.

Shanya Bharti

Shanya Bharti is a surface pattern designer and artist based in Delhi, India. She has a degree in textile design; She creates designs from day to day life inspiration, from architecture, still life, nature and places around the world. Her design process includes inspiration, color palette, initial sketches and drawing on digital software. 
You can check out Shanya's design here

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