I’ve always been a bit of sun-soaking, ocean-loving beach bum. So early in 2022, when I quit my corporate job to travel solo, I wanted to check out some of the best beaches in Europe! I visited Lagos in Portugal, Malta, the Cinque Terre, San Sebastián and a bunch of other beautiful blue and white landscapes.

But as much as I loved being at the beach, I hated so much of the experience.

I disliked bringing back so much sand home with me. It was impossible to find a beach towel at most of the airbnbs & hostels I stayed at. And flying around with a traditional (and pretty bulky) beach towel would mean having to pay all this extra $$ to Ryanair & EasyJet in luggage fees.

With Solyza beach towels, I wanted a better beach experience. A lightweight beach towel, that brushes sand-off easily and was also super absorbent.

Our beach style is also an expression of ourselves and so we partnered with six independent designers from Brazil, Spain the UK, India, the Philippines & Canada so you can choose from their unique styles.

For every towel you buy, we partner with Seven Clean Seas to clean up 1 kg of ocean plastic. So we hope to take a small step toward a better beach day not just for you, but also for the people who comes after you.

I can’t promise you absolutely no sand back home (that would be impossible!) but I hope you have a better beach day with Solyza beach towels.



PS - To read more about our designers, head over here

PPS - To read more about our partnership with Seven Clean Seas, head this way

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