Solyza X Seven Clean Seas

Seven Clean Seas dreams of an ocean without plastic! Together, we hope to take a small step towards a better ocean and beach experience not just for you, but the generations that come after you. For every purchase you make, Seven Clean Seas cleans up 1 kg of ocean plastic. 

Here is how we do it. 


Strategic Interventions

Seven Clean Seas focuses on Marine Protected Areas in biodiversity hotspots like Indonesia & Thailand to generate as large an impact as possible. 


Local Community Engagement

They employ locally and have formal contracts with all their staff. Employees have holidays, social security, pensions, healthcare etc.


Marine Plastic Collection

By removing plastic directly from the marine environment, SCS reduces the change of marine life death by ingestion or entanglement. 


Materials Sorting & Recycling
Recyclable material is captured and categorized for the most suitable end of life solution. Non-recylable material is disposed in a way that doesn't cause environmental leakage.

To learn more about Seven Clean Seas, you can head over here.

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